28 November 2011

La Luz Brilla - Coming soon!

We know there are many people interested in what's happening with La Luz Brilla?
We have exciting news!
But first, let me briefly explain La Luz Brilla for those not aware.
La Luz Brilla is the name for the transition house we have been led to open for young women.
Through our work with lots of young people, virtually all of whom would be called 'high risk' youth, we have seen how as they leave the children's home environment, their chances of success are small at best. And things are getting worse here in Guatemala. Especially for women, culturally, economically, security etc it is very tough to overcome. Add to that the issues of childhood abuse, emotional scars and issues, and the odds become very daunting indeed.

Miriam and Yesica
 That's where we are hoping La Luz Brilla can stand in the gap. We want to provide a safe place where girls can finish their education, and learn to live independently, yet with a safety net to catch them when they stumble.
A place where they can live on their own, yet learn about the basic things to make it, like, how to budget, how to realistically live on a meager income. How to buy groceries, how to do the many things it takes to become successful on your own. We would help provide administration, training, education in some basic living skills, discipleship etc.

Marta and Erika
The need is constantly growing, and we have been waiting on the Lords timing to provide funding needed to open a home.
And He has provided!
We have received a gift from Desert View Baptist Church in Gilbert, AZ that will cover 100% of our projected start-up costs!
So, we are hoping after the first of the year to begin looking for a suitable house to rent, and then begin setting it up to receive young women to live there.
We will still need ongoing monthly support to operate La Luz Brilla, but are trusting the Lord to provide as we get started. 
We are planning to start a sponsorship type program where people can sponsor individual girls and follow as they progress through the process to independence!

If you feel led to be a part of this from the beginning, and help provide a chance at success for some young people that might not get another chance, just ask how!
It's easy....

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