28 November 2011

Back in the U.S. of A.!

So, I guess I had forgotten that November in Washington State can be COLD!
Ha, well, I guess I needed some new sweaters!
I spent the last week of October in Denton, TX, then went to Washington for the first two weeks of November. I had a good time visiting lots of friends and family, and making some new friends also.
I was able to visit many activities at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Denton, TX. They have been helping us with several of our ministries, as well as supporting us personally for the past couple of years, yet we had not had the opportunity to spend much time there or know many people.

Visit with Ellie, our youngest intern so far!
 So, this time I got to meet quite a few people and visit most of their weekly activities!
I was able to speak at the Pastor's Sunday school class, visit several youth activities, a large weekly church dinner etc etc.
I was also able to meet the missions committee for the first time to say thank you and give a brief update on what God is doing in Guatemala!
The next day I was informed that the missions committee had decided to fully fund our Nochebuena outreach at Casita Benjamin! Praise the Lord! I never even asked for help for the event. They asked what we had coming up, and I told them about Nochebuena, but didn't ask for them to fund it!
I also was able to visit a few of our former interns from the Dallas/Denton area, including Ellie, our youngest intern ever!
Also, while in Texas, I was taken to a Dallas Stars hockey game...good time!

Kimber & Sergey with Berkley the dog  
 I left Texas for Washington where I spent the first night in Seattle with my Dad. Then went to Bellingham where I stayed with our daughter, Kimberly, and her husband Sergey. It was the first time we've been together since their wedding and it was great to see their life together after 15 months!

Bellingham in November!
 However, my first morning waking up in Bellingham it was 26 degrees! BBBRRRRRRRRRR
But it was still great because I was so busy, visiting several small groups and lots of people!

Visiting with a Bible study group
 The main purpose of the trip was to seek some additional support as ours has been quite low, so it was a real blessing for me to visit several groups, including one group where I did not know a single person when I arrived!
It was very encouraging to meet people and share about the ministries God has allowed us to be part of. Plus, it always seems to get me more fired up to keep on keeping on!

Jacob and the Pacific Ocean
 In the middle of my time there in Washington, in the cold dampness of Bellingham, I was able to take a 2 1/2 day trip to San Diego to spend time with our son, Jacob. This was a highlight of my trip! It had been probably 7 or 8 years since we had any one on one father/son time.What a huge blessing for me, and I think he enjoyed having me around for a couple of days. We just hung out, and it was very relaxed. 

Greatest sport on Earth! 
Back in Bellingham, I was able to finish my time there celebrating both Kimber and Sergey's birthdays by joining them and a few other friends at a major junior hockey game! My FAVORITE level of hockey to watch anywhere! PRICELESS!
I was able to spend my last Sunday at Northlake, our home church, and spoke at a luncheon and also at the evening service there! It was good to see stability and direction returning after a transition time there.

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