03 November 2010

Dios de esta Ciudad

Just a quick post to add a link to a song and video....it's only 4 minutes, so...please check it out.
This has been my favorite song for a couple of years, it just really speaks my heart for where we are.
We just received a link to this version in Spanish, 
and it is all pictures of Guatemala!
In English the song is 'God of this City' by Chris Tomlin.
In Spanish it is 'Dios de esta Ciudad' and is performed by Blest.
(Just click on the links above) 
View of part of downtown Guatemala City
Many of you know that I walk a lot...that is my quiet time, my inspiration time, my 'vision' time, my worship time and my prayer time. In addition, Sandi and I walk together a lot and
it is our sharing time too.
Point...there is a spot I like to walk to that looks out over most of the entire city. It is absolutely beautiful! (Yes, it also means you have to walk uphill a LOT)
I like to just look out over the city and pray for it. And, almost every time I also sing this song while looking over the city.
More Guatemala City
 As most of you know, Guatemala City is a congested, poverty filled, spiritually dark, dangerous, crime filled, smelly, dirty, loud and sometimes obnoxious city.
AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I love every opportunity it presents,
I love it more than any place I've every been,
it is my heart and soul here,
and you know what else, 
More Guatemala City
 This, for all of the reasons above, is a land of opportunities.
The people need Jesus, they need to just know they are loved.
More Guatemala City
Grandes Cosas Vienen Ya
Grandes Cosas Dios Hará
En Este Pueblo

Greater Things Are Yet To Come
Greater Things Are Still To Be Done
In The City

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