27 November 2010


Time to back up a bit! 
I forgot to post about our barrilete activity with some of our youth!
November 1st is Dia de los Santos (All Saints Day) and is a holiday here in Guatemala. One of the traditions that day is to make and fly kites (barriletes).
There are even big competitions and some towns make kites up to 20 feet across and more, and fly them!

We gathered our youth for an all day activity to make and fly kites in the traditional way.
We received permission to use the entire grounds at CAG, Christian Academy of Guatemala, the missionary kids school our daughter attends.

Hard at work
 Oscar and I had purchased all the needed supplies in advance, using long dried stalks of grass for the skeleton, thread, papel china (tissue paper) and a home made glue.

Preparing to wrap the kite
You tie the grass together with the thread in a hexagonal shape.
Then you can wrap it in papel china.

After that you can decorate it how ever you like.Finally, you make long tails to help it fly steady.

Showing off their kites!
 Our youth were very creative, and there were some real works of art!
After working for several hours, Sandi arrived with a dozen pizzas and soft drinks so we all took a much needed break!

After lunch a time of worship
 After the pizza, we finished up the kites, then had a time of worship and devotional together.

Displaying kites before launch
 We took a group photo, then out to the soccer field to FLY!
And, most all of them flew very well.
We had four prizes we gave out also, 1st and 2nd place for the kites that flew best, highest, and longest.
And 1st and 2nd place for the most creative kites!

Yes, they fly wonderfully!
It was a GREAT day, everyone had lots, and lots of fun, and most all took their kites home to hang on their wall!

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