09 October 2009


I had the blessing to give away the remaining water filters we had a couple of days ago.
These amazingly simple devices are such a HUGE blessing for people struggling to get by.
The woman in the photo below, Lorena Garcia, travels from near San Pedro Sacatepéquez into Zone 3 of Guatemala City each day. It is between 1 1/2 and 2 hours by bus during traffic times. This is so she can work. They struggle to make ends meet and having this water filter will help them a lot. She will ALWAYS be able to have SAFE drinking water for her and her children.

Señora Lorena Garcia receiving a new bucket water filter!

Below is Wendy Juarez. She lives with her children in a small house they rent right next to the dump. I was able to visit with her and provide them with a water filter. I explained how it works, and how to clean it. I shared where the filters came from, then we talked about spiritual things, how in the midst of all of lifes ups and downs, God is always faithful. We then spent some time there in the entrance to her house praying for her and her family.
Wendy and her new filter

Wendy's house next to the dump

We then went to a couple more homes that have children attending Casita Benjamin. We visited for a bit, set up the filters and explained their use and cleaning. Then before leaving we would have some time to pray for each family.
Lester Lopez gets a filter

Hector Us y Amalia Zacarias de Us

One of the filters I gave was to a family I had visited a couple of weeks ago. I had given a filter to the sister of the woman we visited, but she lives in a different location. I told her the next time I returned I would bring another filter for her and her family. When I arrived at their home she was somewhat shocked. She really never expected me to return. People generally don't follow up in these neighborhoods. She was so very thankful, and gave thanks to God for the blessing of this filter.

Another amazing thing for me was the recognition we are gaining there in these neighborhoods. Like the woman who did not expect me to return, people here do not have much trust or hope in others. In two houses we entered, the people knew of me before we arrived! I entered one home and introduced myself, "Hi, I'm Mike." She said to me "Hermano Mike? The hermano Mike that helps the kids at Casita Benjamin?" Instantly, the mood changed in the home. We were quickly welcomed inside, and they went from being wary, to bright eyed, smiles and you could feel hope, trust and expectation of something good!
This, to me, was one of the biggest highlights of my time here in Guatemala! I have been trying to get into this neighborhood for two years, now I am finding credibility and trust from the people there. God is doing great things, and there are many more great things to come! I am sure of this!

I gave out all of the filters we had, so please pray we might receive many, many more. Our daughter Kimberly will come to Guatemala in early November and bring a few more filters with her. If you would like to help by sending some filters, please contact us and let us know, we'll tell you how you can do that!

Please keep checking our blog, we hope for more exciting news coming real soon!

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