30 October 2009


So, in our last post you met Erika, my "hija" that plays fútbol on a women's team in the community of Mixco. This was a big step for Erika. The rest of the team are all women with families, and she is just 16 yrs old. There was a total of 6 women on the team and a coach, the field is small so the games are all played 4 on 4 plus a goalie.
The final games were supposed to be two weeks ago but were postponed until last Sunday, 25 October. I was planning to leave that day for Huehuetenango to help with a group of 20 people
but......I couldn't miss Erika's final game, I went to all of her other games, so...I delayed my travel to Huehue and left early Monday morning. I really couldn't miss this last game because...
entering last Sunday, Erika's team was holding onto first place with just one loss! So....
We picked up Erika and Martina, one of the 9 girls that lives with Erika in the Casa Juvenil, and drove up to the Campo (field).


The final game against the second place team ended in a scoreless tie, so Erika's team was crowned as the CHAMPIONS!

ERIKA with the First Place Trophy

The whole team with their coach

I am VERY proud of my girl, she played very well all season and this was really a big step for her and a big confidence booster.
She was so happy she even insisted on a picture with her "parents" and the trophy!
Erika with us and her "sister" Martina

After the game we took the girls to McDonalds to celebrate with Ice Cream!

Tomorrow, we will pick up ALL the girls in the Casa Juvenil and their Tia and go to a graduation for one of the girls, Diana. There are actually 5 graduating in total from different schools at different times, and, in July Tia Cony received her licenciada, basically a bachelors degree, from the university. I attended a 'clausura' for Martina last week (similar to a graduation, moving to another level), and we will attend Diana's Graduation tomorrow.
After the graduation, we are bringing all the girls to our house for a surprise party and dinner. I will post pictures after we celebrate!

With Martina at her Clausura

Very busy time of year, but I am very proud of all of our girls and it is very special to be invited to represent them as "dad".

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