09 September 2013

More on Offy!

We have some really exciting news to share about Offy!
As of the last tests and reports, they could not find the tumor, so our hope is that it is gone!
Offy still has a little swelling on her brain from the surgery a couple of weeks ago and we should know more soon, as she is having some additional tests done today and tomorrow.
However, I can report that Offy has a lot of her energy back and certainly has a good appetite!

Ready to go to church!
We had Offy and Wendy spend the week-end in our home with us, to give them a little break and relax away from their accustomed surroundings at Kairos house. We had fun playing games and watching movies.
Sunday they went to our church with us, then out for tacos with several of our youth like always, then they stayed for the youth group gathering at our house in the afternoon.

But the big news, during church we sent Offy in with the children for their children's church and near the end of the service, Marleny, the pastors wife who helps with the kids came over to us and asked Wendy if Offy had ever accepted the Lord. Wendy told her no. Marleny then told us that when they were talking about Jesus in the class Offy said she wanted to pray to him and she then prayed to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior! 

They have asked us to bring Wendy and Offy back to church next week so we can give her a little something to commemorate the occasion!

So, join with us in praising God for His amazing way of orchestrating things to draw Offy to himself!

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