31 January 2012

Pay-per-view baptism!

Have you ever been invited to a pay-per-view baptism?
This past Sunday we were!
Okay, maybe not exactly as it sounds.....

Relaxing before the show!
It is truly a wonderful story of God moving in hearts and minds.
Evelyn Tercero is a beautiful young lady, 18 years old, that has been involved in our youth activities for about a year and a half. Evelyn was raised Catholic and while enjoying our group and participating, continued to  attend her Catholic church etc. We have watched over the past year as the Lord has been working in her, softening her heart to just lay her burdens on Him, and rest in his love.

Juliana, Martina y Evelyn
    It has been a joy to watch over the past few months as she has began reading her bible daily and expressing her excitement at new truths being revealed to her! She began attending a church near where she lives and joined a cédula, a small group. Then, a few weeks ago she told me she was going to be baptized,  and wanted me, her 'papito', to be there!
So this past Sunday, we met her at her church to follow them to where the baptism would be held. It was across the city in a 'not the nicest part of town' location.
We took two girls that live with her, Juliana & Martina, with us.

Evelyn confessing her faith
 We finally arrived at the place, a public pool where we had to pay the admission fee to enter!
So, we had to pay-to-view the baptism!
It was breezy and quite cool for here, and the water was pretty chilly!
But Evelyn was sooooooo excited! And we were so blessed to be there as her 'parents'.

Praying in the cold water
 As with things Guatemalan, it took a long time to get things under way, but eventually it started and after a brief talk by the pastor, we watched 6 people be baptized!
Evelyn gave a brief confession of her faith, was prayed over, and then...

Thank you Lord for Evelyn!
 We were so blessed to watch this girl we love follow in obedience the ordinances of God.
Both Sandi and I had tears watching her baptized and seeing the joy in her!

We were all blessed to be witnesses!
Truly, it is a blessing to watch and be witnesses to the testimony of God's grace and love. 
And for us, Evelyn is so special and we are FILLED with joy over this young lady!

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