03 January 2011

More blessings!

It is such a blessing to be able to help connect people and ministries together. One of the things I enjoy is being able to combine different ministries to make bigger and better! We do that a lot with our ministry to youth, connecting them to help serve in other areas.
I have mentioned before a ministry here "Abrazando mi Guatemala", that is a local ministry trying to reach out to poor communities by helping with basic needs. We have partnered with them to provide water filters etc. They contacted me shortly before Christmas with a request for some help. They had 1,000 lbs of good used clothing donated, and wanted to give it away to people living around the dump.
They don't really have any contacts there so asked me to help them.
The only thing was, it had to be done before the end of 2010, and...I am slightly busy in December.
But...........can't say no, right?

Setting up for the give away
 Well, you can't just walk around those neighborhoods carrying lots of clothes, so we arranged to use Casita Benjamin, and invite the people to come there. So, Dec 30 we announced we would be there at 3 PM with free clothes.

People arriving
 We arrived a few minutes late, and there were already about 50 people waiting!
We set things up, sorting out clothes by: mens, womens, childrens etc then let the people come on in!

Checking sizes
 In about 20 minutes almost everything was gone! It was actually very organized and was a huge blessing to see so many people happy to receive new things!

Pleased with her selections!
 It is a simple thing, but so very appreciated by the people, clothes here, while inexpensive by North American standards, are still expensive for people in these neighborhoods, and they really have very little. You will often see kids wearing the same shirts day after day.

Candy bags for all of the kids!
We also had some candy bags for all of the kids that came.

It really is such a blessing to be able to do these things, that while they are small things themselves, they really do transform lives here. God is doing great things here, and we are so blessed to be able to watch Him at work and to be asked to help in His work!

Please keep praying, there is always more to be done!

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