22 December 2010

Christmas Carols at KAIROS

Tuesday evening we took about 20 of our youth to visit Casa Kairos and sing Christmas Carols with the people staying there.
Casa Kairos is a compassion ministry for children with cancer and their families. It is a refuge for them as they come to the city for treatments.

Some of our youth singing at Casa Kairos
 Our youth did a great job of singing out strongly, and serving cookies and a small gift to each one there.
We were also able to provide a little help by giving some beans, rice, oatmeal and salt to the house.

Some of the guests at Kairos
 It was the first 'practice' for our youth in front of people as we continue to prepare for Noche Buena.
Tomorrow we will be spending ALL day with our youth baking cookies. The plan is for 1,000 cookies for TWO Noche Buena celebrations!
First at Casita Benjamin, then after that is over we will return to Las Aldeas and have a Tamale dinner and watch a movie with about 120 more people!

The end of a sweet evening
It was a GREAT time at Casa Kairos, and we look forward with great expectations to see how the Lord will work over the next few days.
Still some things to be done, but as always, without really ever knowing HOW,                                  somehow God gets everything done and ready on time!

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