23 June 2008


We had 7 interns arrive June 4, and 1 more on June 18, for a 6 1/2 week internship program.

The interns in the pic are (L-R) Heidi Harriman, (our friend Oscar), Kelsey Kromminga, (our daughter Maria), Christine Piwonka, Elliott Ince, Leslie Anne Mathews, Grace Park and Matthew Nelson. Not in the picture is Molly Perara.
We began with a 4 day orientation which included things like cultural awareness and do's and dont's. History of Guatemala and the church here. Safety and security. We ate good food. We did some sightseeing, visited Antigua. We ate good food. We got to know each other. We ate good food. We sang together. Two afternoons of Spanish lessons. Did I mention we ate good food?

The interns all joined us at our church youth group meeting on Saturday, where we sang, played volleyball and fútbol and had a birthday celebration.
Sunday the interns attended our church, Pueblo de Dios, and sang a few songs for the congregation!

Monday they all began serving in their ministries. Grace and Leslie Anne are serving at The Oasis Home for Girls in San Lucas. Kelsey and Christine are serving at Alfa y Omega church in Patzún. Heidi and Molly are serving at Casita Benjamín. Matthew and Elliott are visiting several different ministries and missionaries, making promotional videos for each.

They will be in Guatemala until July 20, so please keep them and their ministries in your prayers. Sandi, myself, Felicita and Maria will join the interns for a de-brief time in Texas at the end of the internships here. Molly will be here until August 21.

We will have several more interns arriving in September.

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